2019 Coaching

Coaching 2019

The Cannon Hill Stars Club recognises the important job undertaken by its coaches.  The club values its coaches and appreciates their commitment and dedication.

“Extremely challenging but very rewarding” is how one of our first time coaches described her 2018 coaching experience.  She is very keen to coach this year and can’t wait for the new season to start.

We also facilitate education opportunities through:

In-house Coaching Sessions:  These are run at the club house on a Sunday morning and occur monthly during the season.  The aim of these sessions are to offer coaching support and to build team spirit amongst the Stars’ coaches. Each session incorporates a Coaching Philosophy and some netball skills and drills.  All coaches are encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise.  An outline of the topics are detailed here.

Energy Netball: We will be utilizing Mel O’Brien and her Energy Netball team again in 2019.   This training will occur at the Cannon Hill Club courts and run over four weeks starting the 14th February.  There will be two 1 hour sessions each week, one at 4pm and the other at 5pm.  While coaches and interested parents take part in these sessions, the players will be squad training in age groups. We will also have coaching sessions available for our coaches during the season both at training and Saturday games.

Are you interested in coaching….?  Or maybe just knowing how to demonstrate a shoulder pass correctly …?  The club is always looking for coaches.If you have been thinking about coaching, talk to one of the coaching coordinators or attend a coaches training sessions.  All parents are welcome at both the Energy Netball Coaching sessions and the In-house coaching sessions.

Cannon Hill Stars also has a strict Player Rotation Policy. Follow the link, read it carefully and feel free to contact Nicole with any questions.

The Cannon Hill Stars Committee values their Coaches and as a token of their gratitude offer a free Stars Club Polo shirt.  As an incentive to improve coaching skills, the club also pays a $50 education rebate.  To gain the rebate you need to either  attend all four Energy Netball sessions or complete an external coaching course.  Note the club reimburses the cost of all external netball training courses.

Looking forward to a successful 2019 season.

Best regards

Gareth Osmond



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