Section 1 Theory Exam

Section 1 Theory is a requirement for MDNA Silver & Gold Awards

Section 1 Theory exam is available, at no cost, through the Online Learning section of the MyNetball website.


Level 1 Umpire Course

Level 1 Umpire course is a requirement for a National badge.

MyNetball recommends using Google Chrome to access their website.

  1. Set up a login to MyNetball.  If this is your first time here select New to MyNetball?
  2. You are identified by a unique ID, but if you do not know it, enter the email address you used to register last year (should be your parents email).
  3. They will send you a password, and you can then login.
  4. Once you are logged in, go to Online learning, then Level One Umpires Course.
  5. The course cost $25 to access.  You can return to the course at any time once you have purchased it.